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Some of the most innovative ideas we work with actually come from our customers. Call it customer-driven R&D, but we truly believe in the power of these new concepts to solve problems and add tremendous value.

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Cavotec Connectors AB

Cavotec Connector's products and technology are used world-wide in many different industrial applications. These industrial applications are found in ports & terminals, mining and tunnelling, railways, steel and aluminium plants, mobile generator sets, off-shore, and other industrial mobile machines.

Cavotec Connector's products are mainly power connectors up to 660 Amp, 25kV, complete with electrical panels made from of standard components and control and signal connectors for up to 50 core cables.

Cavotec Connectors AB
Meteorvägen, 5 - SE-245 34 Staffanstorp
Telephone: +46 46 202 112 | Telefax: +46 46 200 303
E-mail: connectors@cavotec.com
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